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SYKD Hunt 20-Inch Universal Crossbow Bolts with Half Moon Nocks and Endurance Broadheads Combo Pack

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This combo pack is designed to give you the performance you need to take down game without breaking the bank. You get 30% off when you buy as a combo pack. This combo includes our six pack of 20" XBow Universal Crossbow Bolts and one three pack of our Endurance Universal Fixed Blade Broadheads.

The SYKD Hunt XBow Bolts are 20" crossbow bolts built for durability and power. Carbon Powered PerformanceTM provides ultra-tough superior penetration. They have fixed half moon nocks and are ideal for taking down any game.

SYKD Hunt EnduranceTM Broadheads have and optimized design for use with both crossbows and compound bows. They come in a 3 pack and feature three hand sharpened stainless steel fixed blades. The aggressive bone crushing steel head is designed to deliver on impact and provide maximum damage as well as penetration. The blades lock from the front end for reliable security and performance. Built to crush. Built to last. These broadheads are ideal for the big game hunter.