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SYKD Hunt’s endurance crossbow broadheads are an all performance option designed to help you make the most of your bolts and hunting crossbow. Our fixed blade broadheads use hand-sharpened stainless steel to deliver a devastating razor’s edge on impact hunt after hunt.


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    Fixed blade broadhead for crossbow bolts.

    Endurance Broadheads

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    Fixed Blade Broadheads for Max Impact The Endurance broadhead we’ve created at SYKD Hunt is designed to deliver maximum impact. These stainless steel fixed blade broadheads are hand sharpened and paired with a steel head made for bone crushing...

What type of impact do broadhead tipped bolts deliver?

Broadheads are designed to deliver a powerful fatal impact on big game. These broadheads are made with fixed blades and a pointed steel head for unwavering performance in the field. Combined with Xbow Bolts and the SYKD Hunt XVC Vindicate crossbow these broadheads can reach speeds up to 390 feet-per-second.

Fixed Blade Broadhead vs. Mechanical Broadhead

We understand why hunters like mechanical broadheads. They can provide a larger entry and exit wound which helps to drop big game where it stands, and minimizes tracking. The problem for us as hunters is the unpredictability mechanical broadheads add to your hunt. Mechanical broadheads can fail by not opening, or opening too early which can cause you to come home from your hunt empty-handed. Overall, we prefer the reliability of fixed blade broadheads.

The Advantage of Fixed Blade Broadheads

Fixed blade broadheads are built for maximum damage, penetration, and durability. The fixed blade design ensures they reliably perform hunt after hunt. Our broadheads are the premier choice for your big game hunting needs, and are compatible with crossbow bolts and compound bow arrows.